My Very First Shade

       If I knew that some day I would sell my designs with gorgeous textiles and fine furnishings when I was pregnant, touring the states presenting exhibit concepts at hospital board meetings to CEOs, I would have had more confidence to say: “Girl, you got this! You do know what you’re talking about.”   Read More

Shows and Tours

What a great year I’ve had. Besides working with some incredible fabrics making huge drapes in stairwells, embroidered drapes to match wrought iron finials, and light blocking shades for a newborn child’s room, I traveled. I sought out companions in the trade while learning trade tricks and secrets to improve my workroom and encourage production. Read More

Handcrafts of New England

“Essential self-reliance will come to many…through related efforts of head, hand and heart.” Custom Textiles began in my parents living room which I converted into my bedroom, office, and sewing area. I was reinventing myself with just a few bucks and the will power to strike out on my own with two elementary school children Read More

First Place Prize Winner

I discovered my lifetime passion for sewing could also be a full time career. I have been sewing ever since my mother permitted me to run her Singer Featherweight on my own. In 2003, after 20 years as a freelance graphic and exhibit designer, I moved back home to New England. With a very tight Read More